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We provide our patients with the most advanced medical and surgical therapies for hair transplant, male or female pattern baldness, hair restoration, and anti-aging.

Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics is the leader in hair transplant and restoration.

We are one out of five specialists in Calfiornia for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). We specialize in no scarring and natural hairline results. Prepare to be amazed.

The techniques we use and the expertise of our Follicular Unit Extraction specialist is what makes us stand above and beyond the rest in the hair transplant industry.

MHTA provides all options for hair loss. We can help you gain your confidence back! We implement the most current techniques and give your hairline the greatest amount of follicular grafts to create a fuller and more natural hairline.

We specialize in all forms of male pattern hair loss and female hair loss, as well as enhance your appearance through our premiere aesthetics with anti-agining botox treatments.


Are you suffering from hair loss and considering hair transplant surgery? It is the permanent hair replacement solution! There are tens of thousands of men and women who investigate hair transplants and many of them select the professionals at Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics to restore their hair. We are the number one choice for achieving and restoring natural, healthy looking hair.

Hair transplants are the only permanent solution to male and female hair loss. Celebrities, athletes, even other doctors seek out Medical Hair restoration for their extensive hair transplant experience. You can learn more about our process by filling out a free online consultation or contact us toll free at 1-866-999-MHTA today. Experience the difference in our effective tecniques and thorough knowledge of hair loss restoration.

Hair Restoration is a procedure that moves your naturally growing hair to an area which is thinning and or balding. Our doctor is one of five specialists in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The use of FUE allows for a natural hairline, which in many cases is almost undetectable and leaves no visible scarring. The Hair Restoration process is safe and convenient. Because of the special tools and techniques we've designed, recovery is short and the procedure is safe and effective.

Each individual person, male or female, has a unique problem and needs an individual plan to help them meet their hair restoration goal. AT MHTA, we also specialize in all forms of hair restoration and corrective hair surgery. Patients with "Old Plugs" hair surgery which resulted in a "Barbie doll" look can be fixed. Hair loss due to skin burn, scarring, and face lift can be restored. In some cases, medical insurance may cover for skin burn patients.

Our doctor is also trained in eyelash and eyebrow hair transplant. If your eyebrows are thin and your eyelashes are short, then hair transplant is the permanent solution. With hair transplant, your eyebrows will look more natural, unlike tattoos, which is unnaturally looking. We strive for natural results in our work so that it is virtually undetectable. Nobody wants to see scarring or something that looks fake, we take pride in our results which are natural, healthy looking and pleasing.

What are you waiting for? You don't have to live with hair loss anymore. Take advantage of Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics advance technology and let our experts in hair transplants help you get the look you've always wanted and can now have!